State Of The Map 2011

The 5th Annual International OpenStreetMap Conference Denver, Colorado, September 9th – 11th, 2011


Tokyo host for SotM12

The State of the Map (SotM) organizing committee announce Tokyo, Japan as the winning bid for the 2012 International conference for OpenStreetMap (OSM). The annual event will be held September 6th-8th 2012.

There were five proposals to host the leading international OpenStreetMap conference: Aveiro (Portugal), Havana (Cuba), Lille (France), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Tokyo (Japan). “We’ve received several strong bids. Deciding on the best location for State of the Map is always one of our biggest and toughest decisions.” says Henk Hoff, chairman of the SotM organizing committee. With the crisis Japan had to face the past year, the Japanese OSM has grown intensively; making Asia an important part within the OSM community.

“We strongly believe that holding State of the Map in Asia will widen and strenghten the international community as a whole, like it has done in Europe and North America in the past” commented Tiachi Furuhashi of OpenStreetMap Japan.

2012 will host the sixth annual international conference, attracting over 250 people in attendance. Previous editions of this conference were held in Manchester (UK), Limerick (Ireland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Girona (Spain), Denver (USA). Sponsorship details, volunteer opportunities and more information will be available in the near future.

photo: Tadataka INO – The regend of Mapper in Japan. CC-BY-SA Katori-city on Wikipedia

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SotM12…. Quo Vadis?

We’ve had 5 great State of the Map conferences. Manchester, Limerick, Amsterdam, Girona and Denver. Big question is: where are we going to in 2012?

We would like to have your help with finding a great venue for the largest annual OpenStreetMap conference.

Would you like to have the 2012 edition of State of the Map in your city? Submit your proposal on our Call for Venues page on the wiki. More details about criteria and the information we would like to have from you can also be found at that wiki page.

We hope to announce our 2012 venue in the beginning of the new year.

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Presentations online

State of the Map is over. Memories of 3 fantastic days remain. If you would like to relive SotM11, please have a look at the presentations. (Not all of the presentations have been uploaded yet)

Or …. have a look at all the photo’s taken during State of the Map.

Thank you all for being at State of the Map and for making it yet again a great conference!

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Welcoming Ulmon as SotM Sponsor

Like every year, Ulmon is happy to support the OSM community and will participate in this year’s awesome SotM event!

Most people will know their iOS apps City Maps 2Go, the most popular offline map app; and City Guides 2Go, destination guides for wonderful cities like Paris, New York, London, and Rome.

Ulmon has developed their own Ulmon Vector Maps map rendering engine, which delivers swift rendering, high detail on every zoom level, and very compact file sizes at the same time. Ulmon Vector Maps was launched this January at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and gets its 2.0 this summer, delivering another 50% file size reduction and threefold rendering performance.

Meet the guys at the conference to exchange ideas and experiences!

And for traveling to SotM, stop worrying about data connectivity and have a map of Denver in your pocket, OSM-style!
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Now available: Buddy tickets

photo by Melaski @ Flickr

photo by Melaski @ Flickr

State of the Map is all about OpenStreetMap. The leading community based geo-project. Together we are making the best map of the world.
Talking about together ….. why not go to State of the Map together with a buddy?

With our buddy-project you can get a second ticket with 50% off. That’s double the fun, for half the price!
To apply for this buddy program, just select one of the buddy tickets on the registration page.

Have you already bought a passport (all-days) ticket and you want to bring a buddy along? Send an e-mail to, and we’ll send you instructions how to get your buddy a ticket for SotM.

Share the State of the Map experience with your buddy. The best way to let him/her see what OpenStreetMap is all about.

Small print: The buddy-program is eligible for passport-tickets. You can apply for only one buddy-ticket. Passport-tickets that are part of the buddy program are not eligible.

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… and the winner is …

The SotM11 video contest resulted in two remarkable entries. And it was not an easy choice for us to select the winner…

And here’s the winning video:

Gregory Marler: Congratulations with your trip to State of the Map!

Interested in meeting Gregory and other people who made OpenStreetMap the most comprehensive free and open map datasource? You can still register for our conference.

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Meet Eric, our 100th attendee

With about 2.5 months to go, more and more people register for the 5th edition of the main OpenStreetMap event of the year: State of the Map. Eric Brelsford, an avid mapper from Brooklyn, New York, is our 100th registrant.

Eric BrelsfordEric: “Having bought a GPS receiver and realizing that I would have to pay for most maps for it–and having an open source/free culture mindset–it was natural to take part in OSM.” Coming to Brooklyn, the area was mostly untouched TIGER data which Eric helped to clean. “Lately I am most interested in adding house numbers in my area, especially where TIGER falls short.” Eric adds.
But it’s not only Brooklyn that attracts his attention. “I worked for a few months with Map Kibera cleaning up some of the data, rationalizing schemas, and playing with Mapnik, in 2010. Most of my projects now are applications that use OpenLayers and tiles rendered using OSM data.” These mostly include community food projects such as Food Census, Farming Concrete, and Garden Maps.

Asked what he expects of the conference, Eric answers: “I am looking forward to getting to know more of the community, in a face-to-face way, and I would encourage anyone else who is thinking about it to come along!”
All we have to say: what’s holding you? hint, hint

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FOSS4G 2011 we also be held in Denver, right after SOTM11. We encourage you to attend both events!

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